My Journey in Technology

Growing up in the picturesque north Kashmir region, specifically in the small town of Jahangeerpora, I was captivated by the world of technology from a young age. The spark ignited within me during my introduction to computers at a young age was a passion that would go on to shape my entire educational and professional path. My schooling at Fallah Aam Trust Board was just the beginning of my journey, where I began to understand the vast potential of technology and the impact it could have on the world.

Despite the natural beauty of the area, the lack of resources and opportunities in the field of technology made it difficult for me to pursue my passion. But I refused to let these obstacles stand in the way of my dreams. I took extra initiative and looked for additional resources outside of the classroom, opting for separate computer classes where I could learn about programming, coding, and related subjects. This required a lot of dedication, as it meant taking on additional responsibilities and workloads.

I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at MRSPTU, where I excelled. Seeing the struggles of myself and other students in the Kashmir valley, I decided to centralize education by starting my own ed-tech startup, Educasheer, which was a great platform for education and technology where learners can access the latest educational resources and tools to improve their skills. I then went on to clear GATE, a huge achievement for me, and one step closer to achieving my dream.

I completed my Masters in Technology in Computer Science and Automation at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. During my time there, I got exposure to lot of things like machine learning, cryptography etc. As my final project I worked in the area of privacy preserving machine learning in recommendation systems under Dr. Arpita Patra . I also started a club named "Databased" at IISc and helped many students to learn coding.

I started working as an Applied AI researcher at LTIMindtree in 2023. My journey has taught me that with hard work, determination, and a never-give-up attitude, anything is possible. I hope that my story can serve as a source of inspiration to others, to pursue their passions, break through any barriers that may stand in their way and make a difference in the world.